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service zone


產品介紹Product introductions 

核級產品Nuclear grade product

1. FS-L防火硅銅泡沫Fireproof Silicone Foam(雙組份double-component

·產品介紹 Product introductions


FS-L Fireproof Silicone Foam is a low density of elastic foam plugging materials. FS-L includes A, B two components, after solidification it will be more durable and bear the damage more. This product uses liquid construction, so as to give full seal to the gaps between penetrating item . Applied to intensive cable beam filling rate of more than 40% of the electrical hole sealing, and mechanical pipe hole blocking.



Smoke non-toxic; No halogen, sulfur and other toxic ingredients; Long-term performance for more than 40 years; Watertight, smoke airtight; Resistant to radiation; Not including foundation and basic chemical elements: copper, lead, zinc and cadmium, tin, antimony for mercury, bismuth and other low melting point metal, and their alloys or compounds; Convenient for construction.


2. FS-M防火硅銅橡膠Fireproof Silicone Elastomer(雙組份double-component

·產品介紹 Product introductions


FS-M fi reproof silicone rubber is a kind of elastic sealing materials. FS-M includes A, B two components,after the solidification it will be more durable and increase tolerance to damage and its surface can be cleaned easily.This product is applied to seal the mechanical or electrical holes that their intensive cable beam fi lling rate is more than 50% and which are diffi cult to construction.

·優點 Advantages

煙氣無毒:不含鹵素、硫等有毒成分:40年以上長效性能:水密、煙氣密;耐輻照;抗DBA( LOCA);耐去污劑、放射性去污性能;不包括基礎和基本化學元素:銅、鉛、鋅、鎘、錫、銻、汞、鉍和其他低熔點金屬,及它們的合金或化合物;施工方便。

Smoke non-toxic; No halogen, sulfur and other toxic ingredients; Long-term performance for more than 40 years; Watertight, smoke airtight; Resistance to radiation; Resistance to DBA (LOCA); Resistance to detergent, radioactive decontamination performance; Not including foundation and basic chemical element:copper, lead, zinc and cadmium, tin, antimony, mercury, bismuth and other low melting point metal, and their alloys or compounds; Convenient for construction.


3. FS-H高密度防火硅酮橡膠High density fireproof silicone rubber(雙組份double-component

·產品介紹 Product introductions


FS-H is a kind of high density silicone elastomer, and it is usually be used as a biological shielding refractory sealing materials. FS-H is double-components. After curing, this product is, resistance to damage, and its surface is easily decontaminated. In addition, it has the same effect on the shielding of y as the same thickness concrete. The main purpose is to do the biological protective shielding sealing on the ordinary concrete hole.

·優點 Advantages

    生物屏蔽;煙氣無毒;不含鹵素、硫等有毒成分,40年以上長效性能;水密、煙氣密;耐輻照;抗DBA( LOCA);耐去污劑、放射性去污性能.不包括基礎和基本化學元素銅、鉛、鋅、鎘、錫、銻、汞、鉍和其他低熔點金屬,及它們的臺金或化合物.施工方便。

Biological shielding; Smoke non-toxic; No halogen, sulfur and other toxic ingredients; Long-term performance for more than 40 years; Watertight, smoke airtight; Resistance to radiation; Resistance to DBA(LOCA); Resistance to detergent, radioactive decontamination performance; Not including foundation and basic chemical element: copper, lead, zinc and cadmium, tin, antimony, mercury, bismuth and other low melting point metal, and their alloys or compounds; Convenient for construction.


4. FS-R柔性防火硅酮橡膠Fireproof Silicone Elastomer(雙組份double-component

·產品介紹 Product introductions


FS-R is a high density silicone elastomer that can be used for large displacement refractory plugging with bioshielding requirements. FS-R is a combination of A and B. The cured product has long-lasting application and good fire resistance. The shielding effect on gamma rays is equivalent to that of equal thickness concrete.

·優點 Advantages

生物屏蔽,煙氣無毒;不含鹵素、硫等有毒成分,40年以上長效性能;水密、煙氣密;耐輻照;抗DBA( LOCA);耐水性能;不包括基礎和基本化學元素銅、鉛、鋅、鎘、錫、銻、汞、鉍和其他低熔點金屬,及它們的合金或化合物,施工方便。

Biological shielding; Smoke non-toxic; No halogen, sulfur and other toxic ingredients; Long-term performance for more than 40 years; Watertight, smoke airtight; Resistance to radiation; Resistance to DBA(LOCA); Resistance to detergent, radioactive decontamination performance; Not including foundation and basic chemical element: copper, lead, zinc and cadmium, tin, antimony, mercury, bismuth and other low melting point metal, and their alloys or compounds; Convenient for construction.


5. BS-1液體硅酮Liquid silicone(雙組份,超高密度double-component,high density

·產品介紹 Product introductions    


BS-1 liquid silicone is a biological shielding refractory sealing materials. After solidification, it will be more durable and resistive to damage, and its surface can be cleaned easily. It is applicable to the biological shielding sealing of heavy concrete holes.

·優點 Advantages

   生物屏蔽,煙氣無毒;不含鹵素、硫等有毒成分,40年以上長效性能;水密、煙氣密;耐輻照;抗DBA( LOCA);耐去污劑、放射性去污性能;不包括基礎和基本化學元素銅、鉛、鋅、鎘、錫、銻、汞、鉍和其他低熔點金屬,及它們的合金或化合物.施工方便。

Biological shielding; Smoke non-toxic; No halogen, sulfur and other toxic ingredients; Long-term performance for more than 40 years; Watertight, smoke airtight; Resistance to radiation; Resistance to DBA(LOCA); Resistance to detergent, radioactive decontamination performance; Not including foundation and basic chemical element: copper, lead, zinc and cadmium, tin, antimony, mercury, bismuth and other low melting point metal, and their alloys or compounds; Convenient for construction.


6. SGC-1硅布Silicon cloth

·產品介紹 Product introductions    


SGC-1 is a kind of silicon cloth that contains glass fi ber, and it is a glass fi ber fabric whose both sides are coated with blue-black refractory silica gel, SGC-1 is suitable for the sealing of mechanical pipe that needs bigger displacement in horizontal and vertical direction, and it can withstand different pressure and isolate different environment.

·優點 Advantages

40年以上長效性能;水密、煙氣密;耐輻照;抗DBA( LOCA);耐去污劑、放射性去污性能;無腐蝕、安全環保;煙氣無毒;施工方便。

Long-term performance for more than 40 years; Watertight, smoke airtight; Resistant to radiation; Resistant to DBA (LOCA); Resistant to detergent, radioactive decontamination performance; No corrosion, safe and environmental protection; Smoke non-toxic; Convenient for construction.


7. FS-E防火密封膠 Fireproof sealant硅酮、彈性silicone, elasticity

DJ-A2-FS-E防火密封膠fireproof sealing glue

·產品介紹 Product introductions    


FS-E fireproof sealant is a kind of low modulus, single component and neutral silicone sealant, which is characterized by good fl exibility and adhesive performance. When it burns, it will form a dense mesh structure and can effectively prevent fl ame and heat from transferring. This kind of sealant is widely used in small displacement of fl oor gap,wall crack , mechanical pipe, ventilation pipe and heat preservation pipeline etc. for the surface sealing. And it also can be used in splicing the cracks of fi reproof board.

·優點 Advantages 

煙氣無毒;不含鹵素、硫等有毒成分;40年以上長效性能;水密、煙氣密;耐輻照;抗DBA(LOCA);耐去污劑、放射性去污性能;無腐蝕、安全環保;高效阻燃; 施工方便。

Smoke non-toxic; No halogen, sulfur and other toxic ingredients; Long-term performance for more than 40 years; Watertight, smoke airtight; Resistant to radiation; Resistant to DBA (LOCA); Resistant to detergent,radioactive decontamination performance; No corrosion, safe and environmental protection; Effi cient flame retardant; Convenient for construction.


8.FS-C縫隙封堵材料Gap sealing material硅酮、防火填縫膠silicone, fireproof caulking glue

(DF-A3-FS-C縫隙封堵材料gap sealing material)

·產品介紹 Product introductions    


FS-C gap sealing material is a kind of high modulus, single component and neutral silicone sealant, which is characterized by good fl exibility and adhesive performance. When it burns, it will form a dense mesh structure and can effectively prevent fl ame and heat from transferring. This kind of sealant is widely used for the fi reproof and sealing in large displacement of fl oor, wall crack , etc. And it can also be used in splicing the cracks of fi reproof board.

·優點 Advantages 


Smoke non-toxic; No halogen, sulfur and other toxic ingredients; Long-term performance for more than 40 years; Watertight, smoke airtight; Resistant to radiation; Resistant to DBA (LOCA); Resistant to detergent,radioactive decontamination performance; No corrosion, safe and environmental protection; Effi cient flame retardant; Convenient construction.


9 FC-1無機堵料Inorganic sealing materialDW-A3-FC-1無機堵料DW-A3-FC-1 fireproof plaster

.產品介紹 Product introductions


FC-1 fireproof plaster is a kind of inorganic sealing material that is mainly applied to seal the large and medium-sized penetrated hole. It is mainly applied to the fireproof sealing of cable tray, cable trench and cable tunnel.

.優點 Advantages


Smoke non-toxic; No halogen, sulfur and other toxic ingredients; Long-term performance for more than 40 years; Watertight, smoke airtight; Resistant to radiation; It will not shrink when solidification or on fire;High anti-explosion performance; Good insulativity; No corrosion, safety and environmental protection;


環保型產品 Environmentally friendly products

1.FS-F防火密封膠Fireproof sealant水基、彈性water-based,elasticity

DJ-A3-FS-F防火密封膠fireproof sealing sealant

·產品介紹 Product introductions


FS-F Elastic fireproof sealant is a kind of dedicated fireproof sealant, which is characterized by good flexibility and adhesion. This fireproof sealant is applied to do hole sealing on cables mechanical pipes,ventilation pipes, utilidors, etc. The main purpose is to splice the cracks, which is on fi reproof coated board.

·優點 Advantages


Smoke non-toxic; No halogen, sulfur and other toxic ingredients; Long-term performance for more than 40 years; Watertight, smoke airtight; Resistant to radiation; Water-based; No corrosion, safe and environmental protection; Effi cient fl ame retardant; Convenient for construction.


2.FS-I防火密封膠Fireproof sealant(水基、膨脹型water-based, intumescentDJ-A2-FS-I防火密封膠fireproof sealing seslant

.產品介紹 Product introductions


FS- I fireproof sealant is a kind of flame retardant, intumescent sealant, which is characterized by good flame retardance. When it burns, The volume will expand more than 5 times (no constraint), and can effectively prevent flame and heat from transferring. This kind of sealant is mainly used in the surrounding of cables of some vertical shaft, cabinets, cable penetration and metal penetration, etc.

.優點 Advantages


Smoke non-toxic; No halogen, sulfur and other toxic ingredients; Long-term performance for more than 40 years; Watertight, smoke airtight; Resistant to radiation; Water-based; No corrosion, safe and environmental protection; Efficient flame retardant; Convenient for construction.


3.FP-C電纜防火涂料 Fire resistive coating of cable(環保型environmental friendly

.產品介紹 Product introductions



FP-C fire resistive coating of cable is a kind of efficient fire retardant cable coating that it will expand when it burns. The feature is the volume will expand to several times while it is burning, and then it will form a compact charring layer and stop cable combustion. This FP-C is widely used in fire retardance cables.

.優點 Advantages




Waterproof, resistance to cold, Smoke non-toxic; No halogen, sulfur and other toxic ingredients; Longterm performance for more than 40 years; Resistance to radiation; Resistance to detergent, radioactive decontamination performance; Water-based; No corrosion, safe and environmental protection; Efficient flame retardant; volume expanded with fire; convenient for construction.


4.FB-1防火封堵板材Fireproof sealing plankDC-A2-FB-1防火封堵板材 fireproof clad plate

.產品介紹 Product introductions


FB-1 fireproof sealing plank is a kind of fireproof sealing board that paints fire retardant coating on the surface of non-combustible board. It is mainly applied in sealing the electric cabinet, cable shaft and other large vertical holes.

.優點 Advantages


Smoke non-toxic; No halogen, sulfur and other toxic ingredients; Long-term performance for

more than 40 years; Resistant to radiation;No corrosion, Safe and environmental protection; Efficient flame retardant; Convenient for construction.


5.FS-Z阻火模塊Fireproof moduleDM-A3-FS-Z阻火模塊fireproof module

.產品介紹 Product introductions


FS-Z fireproof module is made of inorganic polymer materials. It is widely used in the fireproof sealing of electric power, communicational wire, cable, electric control cabinet chasis, holes penetrated through the wall, cable horizontal wells, vertical wells and the cable trench firewall etc. When stacking this modules, it will utilize its own special structure to lock themselves together and is not easy to collapse, and it also have the characteristics of light weight.

.優點 Advantages


Smoke non-toxic; No halogen, sulfur and other toxic ingredients; Long-term performance for more than 40 years; Environmental protection; High inflation in the fire; High compression strength; Good thermal insulation ability; Moisture proof ;Corrosion resistance; Firm stacking ;Good damping performance.


6.FZ-1阻火模塊Fireproof module(防火發泡磚fireproof foaming brick)(DM-A2-FZ-1阻火模塊Fireproof module

.產品介紹 Product introductions


FZ-1 fi reproof foaming brick is made of silicone type materials and it is mainly used for the temporary or permanent fi reproof sealing of the cable or cable tray perforation. It is often installed In the clean and no fiber room or the place , such as electronic factory building, the calculation control center, hospitals and laboratories etc., it can also be used for larger hole's fi reproof sealing.

.優點 Advantages


Good Elasticity; Resistant to radiation; No halogen, sulfur and other toxic ingredients;Watertight, smoke airtight; Smoke non-toxic; Long-term performance for more than 40 years; Convenient for construction.


7.FB-2防火封堵板材Fireproof sealing plank(新型防火板New fireproof plate)(DC-A2-FB-2防火封堵板材Fireproof sealing plank

.產品介紹 Product introductions


FB-2 New fi reproof plate is a kind of double-sided metal plate that the middle layer is an organic/inorganic intumescent fire resistant layer with the silicone as a binder. By optimizing the formulation,combined with ceramization technology and fi re safety technology, which makes product not only has excellent fire resistance performance, but also ensure that the system will be in a good stability after sealing when gets on fi re, it also has futures like: beautiful construction process, water impact resistance, high expansion, etc.

.優點 Advantages


Convenient for construction;Suitable for large and medium-sized hole sealing;More than 2 hours fire resistance period;Thermal expansion performance, smoke airtight;Stable system structure after expansion,water impact resistance;Good appearance after construction, Remove the protective shield to avoid pollution;Easy expansion;good bearing performance.


8.NH(FP-H)室內厚型鋼結構防火涂料Outdoor thick steel structure fireproof coating

.產品介紹 Product introductions


WH(FP-H) is an Outdoor thick steel structure fireproof coating that provide fire protection for steel load-bearing structures. After the coating sprayed on the surface of the steel structures , when there comes the fire, the coating itself can form a fire-resistant insulation protection layer because of its noninflammability, and low thermal conductivity, so that slow down the fire direct invasion damage to the steel load-bearing structures.Mainly used for protection of steel load-bearing structures for new construction, expansion and renovation of stadiums and factory


.優點 Advantages

不含石棉及有機溶劑,無刺激性氣味,無毒環保;涂層輕,粘結牢, 強度高,防腐性能優越:耐火、耐候性能優異。

No asbestos and organic solvents, odorless, non-toxic and environmental friendly; light coating, bonded firmly, high strength, excellent corrosion resistance; excellent fire resistance, and weather resistance.


9.NCB(FP-ST)室內超薄型鋼結構防火涂料indoor ultra-thin steel structure fireproof coating

.產品介紹 Product introductions


FP-ST ultra-thin steel structure fireproof coating is mainly used for the fire protection of some large objects that will be destructed by the fire, such as industrial and civil building's indoor steel structure. It is especially applicable to protect bare steel structure of the venues and industrial factories. It can effectively improve the refractory ability of the steel structure, and have good fire-resistance adornment effect at the same time. It is suitable for coating of cable tray and instrument pipe, etc.

.優點 Advantages


No benzene class and asbestos materials; After high-temperature foaming, this product will not produces non-toxic gas, which is harmless to human beings; When the film dries, the coating will be tasteless, non-toxic, hard, resistant to knock, and vibration resistance.


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